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Julian Assange is Granted Bail (Again)

Julian Assange was granted bail (priced at £240,000) earlier this week but remained in custody after prosecutors objected. According to the BBC, at a hearing this morning, the prosecution argued that there was 'a real risk' Mr. Assange would attempt to leave the country if he was released.

However, this morning, Mr. Justice Ouseley upheld the decision made by the City of Westminister magistrates court to release the WikiLeaks founder on conditional bail. Justice Ouseley said in his ruling that Assange's decision to present himself to police when he first learned of the charges against him did not paint the picture of a person who was trying to evade justice.

It appears conditions of his release will remain the same as what was laid out earlier this week: £240,000 in securities, surrender of his passport and a requirement for Assange's movements to be tracked. He must also report to police every day and abide by a curfew.

There is some confusion as to which country opposed Assange's bail earlier this week. While it was largely believed to be the work of Swedish prosecutors, the Swedes say it was a British decision while the Director of Public Prosecutions says the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) was merely acting on behalf of Sweden.

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