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''JWoww'' Most Likely to Lead to Malware Online

Nope, according to Barracuda Labs' annual security report, JWoww is now one of the world’s most dangerous search terms too. It's not uncommon for celebrity searches to be a popular target for the unsavory folk who spend their days trying to infect people’s computers, but Barracuda said "Jenni+JWoww" ranked number two on the list of most dangerous search terms in the world, with "music video" being the only term more dangerous than her name.

As you can see from the chart below, 15 percent of "Jenni+JWoww" searches led to malware. Third, fourth and fifth place were occupied by "nfl," "mortgage," and "credit+score."

Malware was also more evenly distributed across the search engines compared to the last study by Barracuda. BL says that last June, Google was crowned "King" of malware, containing 69 percent of all malware but by December, that number had fallen to 38 percent. Though Google still has the biggest percentage, it no longer accounts for the majority of malware. Yahoo! is now responsible for 30 percent, Bing 24 percent and Twitter 8 percent. However, Barracuda also found that the amount of daily malware rose 55 percent, from 145.7 to 226.3, between June and December.

"This shows that attackers have not only increased the amount of overall search engine malware but also have decided that it is worth targeting other search engines besides Google," Barracuda Labs said in their study.

(via Fast Company)

  • Kaiser_25
    lol barack obama is up there...halarious
  • LuckyDucky7
    What's funny is that it's "Barrack" and not "Barack".

    So the proper spelling doesn't lead to malicious pages, but the improper one does?
    Humorous also is the fact that Google won't autocorrect this because 'barrack' is also a word.
  • Bigmac80
    Rex Ryan lol...Why is he even on there? lol....
  • godnodog
    Ummm.... Who are these people? And why do they look like crap?
  • nebun
    Kaiser_25lol barack obama is up there...halariousobama-binladen is the malware of this country
  • Wow, Costco...really?
  • pclee
    mekka lekkaWow, Costco...really?
    I'm guessing the Chinese shipping company and not the store chain...But malware probably doesn't care what the user is looking for.
  • Efrayim
    Porn is not one of them? lol
  • alexapi32
    "JWoww", that's the worst nickname I've ever heard. What is wrong with these people?
  • englandr753
    ...And the crapware is attacking this thread! =O