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Hello Kitty Chainsaw is a Serial Killer's Dream

What better way is there to hack up friends and family than with the use of a Hello Kitty chainsaw? Now potential serial killers can really go off the deep end with a meat grinder sporting a hot pink exterior, a gold handle, and pretty little pink hearts all over the blade. Let's not forget the little Hello Kitty logo--holding an even smaller teddy bear--stamped on the side.

Although we're aware that a Hello Kitty chainsaw has nothing to do with gadgets, hardware, or games, this tool was a rather humorous find during the morning troll for news. But let's face it: this would be an awesome weapon in a horror movie or horror-based game. There's definitely potential for a psychotic antagonist donning a half-mauled Hello Kitty mask running around with this thing.

So is this a real product? That's a good question, however the image provided with this news nugget suggests that the device has actually been in use. The original post was discovered over on Hello Kitty Hell where you can find more oddball Hello Kitty news like Hello Kitty Star Wars anime, Hello Kitty Darth Vader helmet, and more weirdness.