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Unlocked Dell Streaks Now Shipping with Froyo

We first got wind of Dell's plans to sell an unlocked Streak loaded with Froyo just last week. The company had been rolling out Android 2.2 to it's already shipped unlocked units and an updated version of its Streak FAQs promised that the company would be shipping a version of the Streak with Froyo pre-installed "sometime in the coming weeks."

Well, it looks like Dell has finally sold all of its Froyo-less Dell Streak units because new units are now shipping with the latest version of Android. Engadget reports that along with the previously unavailable Cherry Red Streak, the Froyo-equipped 16GB unlocked Carbon Black Streak is currently available for $579.99 directly from Dell's website. The 32GB is also available from the and is selling for $678.99. Interestingly, the 16GB is actually selling for thirty bucks more than when it was shipping with Android 1.6.

Of course, Android 2.3 (aka Gingerbread) is expected to be revealed before the end of the year, so it's not like you'll be running the latest version of Android for very long, but don't let that stop you from enjoying the jump in performance that Froyo offers!

Source: Tom's Guide, Engadget

  • bobusboy
    I want bad it wont work on virgin mobile canada.
  • burnley14
    Boy that's a big price tag to swallow
  • goldeknob
    I just wish they would update the samsung captivate to froyo.
  • LePhuronn
    Am I the only person in the world who took a minor performance HIT when my HTC Desire went up to Froyo?

    Now, can I justify one of these as well as my HTC, or do I wait and see what the W7 HP Slate is actually like?
  • kancaras
    seems like samsung doesnt rush for 2.2 updgrades. i still wait for the update for my 580.

    back on topic, dells site doesnt list any specs regarding 16/32gb storage or 2.2 froyo. thats ashame.
  • Doom3klr
    Too pricey the samsung should be better for 499.00 for wifi version or even an asus tablet
  • pcfxer
    Costs MORE than an iPAD? Smart!
  • warezme
    I played with one my University Dell rep brought to show. It was still running old OS but what struck me was its size. It's really to big to be a phone. It is more like a media device. Imagine crossing an Archos and a smartphone. Personally I think the iphone sized phones are to big and this is much larger.
  • verbalizer
    someone let me borrow one for a while and let me play with it..
  • go to best buy and try it out :P