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Farm Tower Concept Offers Skyscraper Argriculture

With population continuing to skyrocket and urbanization gobbling up agricultural land around the world, what is going to happen when we run farming space? Designed by Brandon Martella, the London Farm Tower is a vertical agricultural building that embodies the essence of nature itself. Like a tree, the tower gathers solar energy and rainwater to maintain itself. It also harvests wind energy through vertical axis turbines that surround the structure.

Although its main purpose is to provide a skyscraper of agriculture, the Farm Tower also houses residential sectors. Resting on the south bank of the Thames River, the London Farm Tower is estimated to produce 1.5 million lbs of fresh fruit and vegetables annually, feeding up to 20 percent of London. In addition to plentiful sunlight, the Farm Tower achieves its growing efficiency by utilizing UV light as well.

The London Farm Tower is just a concept for now but we wouldn't be surprised to see such a concept turn into a real project in the near future. Head on over to eVolo for more information and renders of the beautiful London Farm Tower.