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Erin Andrews Vid Used to Spread Malware

For curious eyes wanting to take a peek at the new viral video exposing ESPN's Erin Andrews, IT security and control firm Sophos is advising viewers to buy an adult magazine or "get yourself a girlfriend." Apparently, hackers are thriving on the hype surrounding her nakedness caught (through a peephole) on hidden camera, and is using the video to distribute malware that will infect both the PC and Mac.

Sophos reports that websites hosting the voyeur video are infecting Macs with the OSX/Jahlav-C Trojan horse, and infecting PCs with the Mal/FakeAV-AY Trojan. Once infected, hackers can take control of PCs and Macs and steal sensitive information; they can even persuade end-users into purchasing bogus online protection.

"If you go searching for sleazy videos then don't be surprised if it's not just your mind that ends up corrupted, but your computer too," said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos, on his blog. "What's more, these attacks are aimed at both Mac and Windows users - hackers often now try to kill two birds with one stone by setting up malicious pages that can determine what type of computer you are using, and serve up the right malware accordingly."

Sophos said that hackers are posting links to the malicious pages on forums and comment blogs, especially those stemming from news articles relating to the video. The company said to avoid untrusted links.

We don't have any trusted links to this video, if you're curious.