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DARPA Creates Instant Fire Suppressing Magic Wand

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has been at it again with their cutting edge devices. This time they bring to us a method of “instant fire suppression” using acoustics and electromagnetism to break down the physical makeup of the fire itself. The result is a wand of sorts that, when waved at a fire, breaks it down, eliminating the fire without spreading harmful chemicals or damaging any components.

The benefit is that any fire can be extinguished—chemical or electrical—without collateral damage, and is a renewable and reusable item without the need of replacement or refilling chemicals. What is the next step for this technology to take? The device needs to be scaled to different sizes and optimized to assist extinguish large brush and home fires as well as small household fires. DARPA’s track record for successful projects brings hope that creating a larger device will be just around the corner in revolutionizing firefighting technology.