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NSA Implies Anonymous Plan to Attack U.S. Power Grid

In what a more cynical observer might deem a transparent attempt to justify prosecuting the group without having to adhere to normal law enforcement restrictions, the National Security Agency has privately begun to suggest that the hacker collective Anonymous is a terrorist organization. That news is the result of reports from anonymous insiders who have stated that in several White House meetings, NSA director Keith Alexander has claimed Anonymous may soon have the capability to attack and bring down sections of the U.S. power grid.

Though the NSA has not publicly confirmed these reports, suggestions that Anonymous may have graduated to super villain status dovetail nicely with recent accusations of increasingly aggressive action by the group. Anonymous' activity has typically focused on leaking embarrassing information about entities such as banking and financial companies, but they have recently been accused of planning a shutdown of the Internet on March 31st in which is allegedly called Operation Global Blackout.

Anonymous has issued an unambiguous denial of any involvement with such a plan. "GlobalBlackOut is another Fake Operation," the group said on their Twitter feed. "No intention of #Anonymous to cut Internet."

Likewise, the group has also denied the NSA's claim that they intend to take out the infrastructure on which their computers depend. "Ridiculous! Why should Anonymous shut off power grid? Makes no sense! They just want to make you feel afraid." The NSA has declined to comment on the matter, and likely would bristle at comparisons to claims made in 2003 that Iraq possessed weapons of Mass Destruction.