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FBI Raids Homes of Suspected 'Anon' Hackers

Early Tuesday morning, FoxNews reported that the FBI was currently executing search warrants of the New York homes of three suspected Anonymous members. The news arrived after Anonymous and LulzSec, the latter returning from "retirement," successfully defaced the website of British newspaper The Sun on Monday.

"We had an awesome day, loud hail to all #AntiSec vessels: We are winning," the group trumpeted via Twitter early Tuesday morning.

According to the Fox News report, more than ten FBI agents had already completed one raid on the home of Giordani Jordan of Baldwin, N.Y., seizing at least one laptop. At the time of the report, the raids at two Long Island, N.Y., homes and one in Brooklyn, N.Y., were still ongoing.

Law enforcement officials told FoxNews that Jordan’s laptop was identified as allegedly being used in the group's DDoS attacks against businesses and government websites. And although the official didn't reveal Jordan's true age, he indicated that the targeted suspects were all between their late teens to early 20s.

Naturally Anonymous isn't impressed with the FBI's actions. "It doesn’t matter how many people the 'FBI' arrest.. whether they are core members or not.. #anonymous have started something unstoppable," the group said via Twitter.

Then late Tuesday morning CBS News said that the FBI had conducted more than a dozen raids across the United States in relation to Anonymous, and had actually made fourteen arrests nationwide thus far. Officials reportedly described the operation as a "major" law enforcement operation.

Additionally, police officials followed up the FoxNews report by confirming that computers and computer accessories were seized from homes of suspected hackers in Baldwin and Merrick, both on Long island, in Brooklyn and the Bronx.

Stay tuned as the Anonymous drama unfolds.