Four Remote Desktop Apps for Android

Remote desktop apps for Android allow you to see and access a computer like you were sitting in front of it, just like client programs have done for years on desktop and laptop computers. Of course, these Android apps are much more practical and useful on tablets, offering a much larger screen size than your phone. You can use your applications, access files, play computer games, or run presentations.

For this review we took a look at most of the remote desktop apps out there for Android devices and thoroughly reviewed four of them using a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (Android 3.2) and Samsung Galaxy S II Phone (Android 2.3.6).

Here are the main functions we were looking for:

  • --Screen resolution detection so the remote desktop of the computer automatically fits perfectly on the screen of the tablet, eliminating zooming and/or panning to see the full desktop. And if auto resolution isn’t supported, the ability to choose the correct size or easy-to-use panning and zooming.
  • --Auto keyboard activation when you click on a text field or document, so it automatically appears rather than having to bring it up manually every time you want to type something on the remote computer. If auto activation isn’t supported, then we want a quick and easy keyboard shortcut.
  • --Smooth and clear graphics of the remote computer.
  • --Audio redirection so you can play music or audio on the remote computer and hear it on the tablet.
  • --Encryption to keep passwords and connections secure from eavesdropping while using a tablet on Wi-Fi hotspots.
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  • alvine
    great article I was looking remote desktop android apps :D
  • Anonymous
    Good article, I tried all those out (thank goodness for the 15 minute grace period), but in the end, I preferred the Xtralogic Remote Desktop Client
  • cirslevin
    you should mention that teamviewer connection is always encrypted, while some of others (e.g., splashtop) is not.
  • Anonymous
    There is one very easy solution to all this - free Ammyy Admin

    It doesn't require installation or specific config. It works behind gateways NAT without port mapping as well as within one LAN.

    Good alternative though!
  • Anonymous
    If you are transmitting sensitive information using these apps you should try to understand how they participate in the information flow after you have cretaed a connection. For example I understand that teamviewer will create a connection between the two device and all infor,mation tehn passes trhough a "team viewer sever" ( I have used team viewer, remote desktop and hamachi). Other apps may create the connection but do not participate after the connection is made. I am no expert but there would be different levels of risk that should be considered when selecting an applicaction to suit your own purpose.
  • infoaliasgar
    Good article regarding selecting a remote support software. Also, in addition to logmein, teamviewer etc. there are other quality remote support solutions such as PC anywhere, gosupportnow, PC Now etc.
  • Anonymous
    I'm trying to show a friend how to run a VPN and put remote-viewing software behind it. Maybe your next article? ;)