Amazon Lockers Coming to U.S. Staples Locations

The world's largest online retailer has announced plans to bring its lockers to Staples locations in the United States. Amazon has been slowly deploying delivery lockers around the U.S. and UK over the last year or so, however, it seems the company is ready to roll out the lockers on a wide scale as Staples has agreed to install the Amazon lockers in its U.S. locations. It's not clear if the lockers will be in all 1500+ of Staples' locations, but Reuters reports receiving confirmation from a spokesperson on Monday.

The announcement means customers will be able to order purchases from Amazon online and have their orders shipped to their local Staples for collection. This should be handy for those ordering gifts or those that work during the day and aren't around to accept delivery of packages. Details of the deal have not been released so there's no news on when the lockers will be deployed, but keep an eye out at your local Staples and let us know!

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  • burmese_dude
    My package was sent to 7-11 delivery locker. UPS tried to deliver twice but nobody was there to receive, so I couldn't go pick it up. I got sick and tired of it and reorder it to ship to home. I hope Staple locations work better.
  • assasin32
    I am happy they are delivering to staples now. It be a nice change I don't like the idea of ordering valuable goods just for UPS to deliver it and leave it at my door when I won't be home for several more hours. I'd rather take the inconvience of driving to staples for those large orders for peace of mind.
  • rosen380
    What would be extra neat is if the item is something that Staples carries, some arrangement for them to move one of their items from stock into the locker and then replace it with the item when it comes in from Amazon.

    Amazon could save a little by using a slower shipping method and the item would be available to the consumer about as quickly as they can get to their Amazon locker.