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AVG Releases Fix for Machines Bricked by Update

AVG is a pretty popular (and very free) way to protect your computer against nasty pieces of no-good software. Unfortunately, it seems the latest update is doing more harm than it is good.

Users running 64-bit Windows 7 and downloading the mandatory December 1 AVG update are being treated to bricked computers. AVG says that after responding to the restart prompt, Windows gives a "STOP: c0000135" error and fails to boot. Uh oh, spaghetti-oh!

The company has since pulled the update. Unfortunately, that doesn't help those who are already looking at bricked machines. If you find yourself on the wrong end of this update, here's a fix, courtesy of the folks over at AVG (plus a video tutorial!):

1. Download the modified version of AVG Rescue CD designed to fix this particular problem. You can download either the iso image (for bootable CD creation) or zip archive (bootable USB creation).

  • Burn the downloaded iso image file to an empty CD using your favourite CD burning software (Nero, ImgBurn, BurnAware Free, ...). Please do not use Windows built-in burner as it cannot create bootable media. In the burning software, select the Burn iso image option (or similar).

b) To create bootable USB disk:

  • Extract the downloaded archive and run the setup.exe file. As a destination please select a letter corresponding to an empty USB disk and wait until the installation is finished.

2. Perform these steps after you have created either CD or USB disk:

  • Boot the affected computer from the created CD or USB disk. (This can be usually done by repeatedly pressing the F12key until the boot menu appears. If the F12 key does not work or you are unable to select to boot from CD or USB disk, please see your mainboard´s manual or contact the manufacturer of the computer).
  • Wait until the AVG Rescue CD begins to boot up (this will be done automatically after 6 seconds or by selecting the first option in main menu).
  • When prompted, press any key to automatically fix the situation.
  • Then please press Enter to reboot your PC.

3. After booting to your operating system, repair the AVG installation as described in FAQ 3003 if your AVG is in error state.

If you are concerned that the described issue may affect you because your computer is asking for a restart after the recent update, but you HAVE NOT yet restarted your computer, please download and run this fixcorex utility from our website. After running this utility it is safe to restart your computer.

Source: AVG