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Collect Yourself, with Shapify.Me 3D-Scanned Figurines

This week, 3D-scanning hardware and software company Artec 3D launched Shapify.Me, a website that lets you purchase a figurine of yourself — as long as you have an Xbox Kinect sensor. Artec 3D's free PC software, use a Kinect sensor plugged into the USB port of your computer to scan your whole body. tweak the resulting 3D model in their software and order your figurine online for $59 each.

The figurines will be 1/20 scale, so someone who is 5 feet and 6 inches tall would get a 3.3-inch-tall figure. The figurine is made of plastic, either multicolored or white, allowing you to paint it however you like. Artec 3D  says the figurine takes only a day or two to be delivered.

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The scanning process with the Kinect takes some time, however, with the person holding a pose for a minute, turning 45 degrees, holding the same pose for a minute, turning again, scanning again — for a total of eight scans that the software combines into a 3D model for Shapify.Me. Artec recommends strong lighting and no other objects in view, with the camera about 3.5 feet away.

3D Systems provides a similar service, through it's site, called 3DMe. But there are some differences: the 3DMe figurine uses a front-facing photograph and a profile photo to create a 3D head which is then attached to a predesigned body, rather than one created from your own body. The figurine is 5.5 inches tall and made of ceramic. The 3DMe costs $65, or $70 for a Star Trek officer with your head.

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    You could make the ultimate D&D figurines with this.

    Dress up, scan...and are now the avatar of your D&D persona.
  • virtualban
    Now, if you scan the 3d models while the kinect is connected to a computer with an ancient Voodoo card, you should not put pins on the resulting figurines.
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