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Samsung Embracing iTunes Makes Apple TV a Lot Less Necessary

Samsung just made an announcement that will rock Apple fans world, with iTunes content and Airplay 2 capability coming to Samsung smart TVs in 2019.

Ever since Steve Jobs began talking about his plans for the Apple TV, Apple fans have dreamed of getting the full breadth of iTunes and other Apple content on their TV. As TVs have gotten smarter, the possibility has remained tantalizing, but so far, if you wanted to put Apple content on your TV, it required an actual Apple TV… which doesn't include a TV.

That's all changing thanks to Samsung. The smart TV manufacturer has just gained an unmistakable advantage in the world of streaming content by announcing a deal with Apple that puts iTunes and Apple TV content onto Samsung smart TVs.

The addition of iTunes means that movies and shows previously limited to iTunes and Apple products will be available to purchase or rent. The new content will work with Samsung's Universal Content Guide, and can even be searched and played using Bixby, Samsung's built-in voice assistant.

That's a huge win for both Apple and Samsung, especially since Google (who competes with both) has a huge presence on smart TVs with Google Play movies and shows.

But there's another big win for Apple users, as Samsung TVs will now also support Airplay 2 casting, providing an easier way to share content from an iPhone or iPad, and giving iOS users a big reason to choose Samsung. Whether it's video, photos or audio, the new capability lets you share it with your Samsung TV just like any other Airplay device.

The new feature will come standard on Samsung's 2019 smart TVs, including Samsung's QLED models. But current Samsung owners won't be left in the cold, either, since the iTunes and Aircast 2 capability is coming to several 2018 models as a software update.

Credit: Samsung

Brian Westover
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