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Foldable Galaxy F Price and Release Date Just Leaked

While not everyone is enthusiastic about the Samsung Infinity Flex foldable display phone, the excitement around the web is palpable.

After all, it could be the realization of years of futuristic dreams. Now that future seems to have a name and release date, as well as a steep price.

Credit: Samsung

(Image credit: Samsung)

Korean news outlet Yonhap News is reporting that that the phone will cost as much as 2 million won — $1,770. The phone will be released alongside a 5G-enable version of the Samsung Galaxy S10 in March 2019.

Unlike the S10, Yonhap News cites industry sources that point out that the foldable phone will not have 5G. The same report names the new phone as the Galaxy F.

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According to The Korea Times, Samsung is betting on selling at least 1 million foldable phones in 2019 across 120 countries. It seems like an ambitious target for such a pricey phone.

A prototype of the phone — which wil have an external 4.58 inch screen and a interior flexible display that expands to 7.3 inches — was revealed at the Samsung Developers Conference on November 7. According to reliable Samsung Tarot readers, what was presented at the conference was not the final form of the Galaxy F.

Talking in an interview, Samsung Mobile’s CEO DJ Koh said that the company needed to preview the technology for two reasons. "The first is to show the world that our flexible display technology is close to commercialization,” he declared, “and the next is to have our software partners to prepare apps suitable for the form and the screen ratio."

Samsung is developing the Galaxy F’s user experience and operating system with the help of Google. The Mountain View, California company is betting that these phones are the future by investing in the development of Android for foldable screens.

Jesus Diaz

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  • mensa517
    they can keep it. at that price it's definitely not a need, plus t's first generation and will eventually become steeply discounted because it's a non seller
  • webgtlnbrgrs
    What a WAD to put in your pocket … but a lot of people will think it's a status symbol and sell their first born to be first...