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Samsung Galaxy F Breaks If Folded Completely (Report)

Samsung is moving ahead with its foldable Galaxy F smartphone. Although the company isn't revealing its plans publicly just yet, some details may have emerged from a secret meeting the phone maker apparently held with industry executives at CES 2019 yesterday (Jan. 8).

Credit: Samsung

(Image credit: Samsung)

Speaking to the Korean publication The Investor, an executive who attended the private Samsung briefing said that the foldable phone is in the works and Samsung is still trying to work out the kinks.

"When unfolded, Samsung's foldable phone does not show any crease indicating it had been bent," the unnamed source told The Investor. "However, completely folding the device will lead to breakage. For this reason, Samsung is testing the device so that the sides remain slightly lifted when folded."

According to the report, Samsung has engineered the handset to not have a crease when it's unfolded. The source added that the phone feels smooth to the touch.

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Samsung's Galaxy F has been in the works for years. There had been hope that Samsung would launch the Galaxy F at CES 2019, but that hasn't happened. We might get more details at Mobile World Congress next month.

At November's Samsung Developer Conference, Samsung unveiled the folding smartphone under dark lights to not reveal its final design. Samsung has said it's building a new software platform for the smartphone to ensure it delivers a better user experience.

That said, Samsung isn't expected to pitch the device to everyone. Since it will likely be quite expensive, possibly in the range of $1,800, and may have a limited production run, Samsung reportedly believes that it will be best suited for middle-aged consumers with the available cash on hand,

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