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Qualcomm Spills Secrets on First Wave of 5G Phones

  • Mobile World Congress 2019 will play host to a slew of new 5G phones.
  • New battery technology will keep your 5G phone from draining juice.
  • Qualcomm has solved a major interference roadblock that should ensure smooth 5G signals.

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(Image credit: Shutterstock)

If you're excited about the future of smartphones, but you're unsure whether you'll be getting what you want out of 5G, Qualcomm is hoping to allay those fears in a new interview.

Speaking to Digital Trends in an interview published on Thursday (Feb. 14), Qualcomm's product marketing director Ignacio Contreras addressed several of the concerns people have about 5G and its future. Chief among them is the technology's ability to sidestep antenna concerns that could impede its signal when you're holding your hand on an antenna.

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Contreras told Digital Trends that the issue "has been solved." He added that Qualcomm was able to solve the problem by adding three antennas to a reference design smartphone. The idea, Contreras said, is that if you're covering up one of the antennas with your hand when you're using the device, the other two can make up for that.

The other problem 5G could face is power and draining your phone battery too quickly. That's because the amount of data that your phone can accept from the tower is now much greater. So, to fix that problem, Qualcomm has created a technology called connected mode diversity reception (CDRX) that will only allow data to come to the phone "in bursts, versus having a continuous flow of data."

That should be enough, Contreras told Digital Trends, to solve the power problem.

With 5G expected to feature prominently at Mobile World Congress next week, Contreras turned his attention to the big mobile show in his interview with Digital Trends. He didn't say exactly what vendors have planned, but did say that anyone who's anyone in the smartphone business will have something to show.

"Virtually all major Android manufacturers will be announcing or launching flagship 5G phones," he said. In other words, the 5G revolution is upon us.

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