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PS4 vs. Xbox One (2013): Which Console Wins?


Sony is placing a heavy emphasis on social this generation, loading up the PS4 with a number of share-centric apps and features. The What's New social hub lets users check out their friends' latest activities via a landing page full of their pictures, trophies and other recent events.

PS4 owners can record up to 15 minutes of their latest gaming exploits with a quick press of the Share button on the controller. Footage can be shared on Facebook or Twitter. Xbox One gamers can only record five minutes of action using the GameDVR feature. Players can then share their clip on their Xbox Live profile or with the Live community.

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In addition to recording video, PS4 owners also have the ability to broadcast their gameplay in real time to Twitch and Ustream.

Sony has taken a page from Microsoft’s book and added a cross-chat feature dubbed Party Chat. This new feature gives gamers the ability to chat with other friends whether or not they’re playing the same title. Xbox One has upped the ante, however, adding Skype capability to the Kinect 2. Paired with the Snap feature, gamers can watch their friends reaction to the pwnage in real time.

Winner: PS4

In the world according to Sony, next-gen is as much about social interaction as it its mind-blowing graphics. The PS4’s sharing capabilities adds another layer to console gaming. We love having the ability to capture or livestream our gameplay with a simple touch of a button. The What’s New feature is an easy way to check out what your friends have been up to, while Party Chat is a fun way to keep in touch, whether you’re fragging or questing.

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