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These Star Wars Drones Will Fulfill Your Fantasies

If you've ever dreamed of flying a drone version of an X-Wing or Tie Fighter, your prayers will be answered soon. After originally debuting in the United Kingdom, Propel's official Star Wars Battle Quads will be available stateside soon.

The $239 drones will be available for pre-order soon at Brookstone and other major retailers sometime before the holidays. You'll have your choice of a Tie Advanced X1 Starfighter (aka Darth Vader's ship), a T-65 X-Wing Starfighter and a 74-Z Speeder Bike that's ripped right out of the forests of Endor.

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Propel also makes a Millennium Falcon replica, though there's no word on U.S. availability for that model. All four drones come in stylish collector's boxes and look painstakingly accurate to their movie counterparts — so long as you can ignore the four rotating blades that keep them in the air, at least.

Of course, a cool-looking ship doesn't mean that much if you can't go dogfighting with it. Propel's Star Wars vehicles can fly at 35 miles per hour and shoot virtual, interactive lasers, which allow up to 24 people to engage in epic multiplayer drone battles.

Just look at the above video and try not to geek out. It's like Propel took the best Star Wars dogfighting games and made them playable in real life.

With Rogue One; A Star Wars Story hitting theaters Dec. 16, Propel's drones are among a trove of Star Wars goodies that will be battling for your wallet this holiday season. Just stay alert if you want one — these things will likely sell out faster than Han Solo completing the Kessel Run.

  • Len McCluskey
    This is amazing news! I can’t wait to get my hands on one of those drones. As a Star Wars fan and drone enthusiast, this is a dream come true. And the price is quite ok, $239 for a branded drone is a great deal, I mean there are figurines that cost more than that.