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Let Suitors Take a Pikachu with Pokemon Go Dating Service

Let's be real. We all saw this coming. Cancel your fifth awkward Tinder coffee date this month, because Pokemon Go is officially crossing over into the world of matchmaking with PokeDates, an online dating service that combines the one thing you love (Pokemon) with the one thing you hate (dating).

Credit: Sevi Yummy,

(Image credit: Sevi Yummy,

PokeDates is powered by Project Fixup, a matchmaking site that relies on real humans, or "fixup specialists," who analyze your schedule and create "curated dates" based on your questionnaire preferences and mutual love for Pokemon Go, of course.

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The company says PokeDates will rely on human employees, not computer algorithms, who match you in the same way your best friend might fix you up with someone they think you'll like. After you input your schedule and answer a few personal questions, you'll receive an email confirming your PokeMatch, including a time and a place to meet, explore and battle together. The best part your first PokeDate is totally free. 

Launched in Chicago in 2012, Project Fixup emphasizes the necessity of using online services to make more offline connections something Pokemon Go users are all too familiar with, since the augmented reality game forces players out and about and has already resulted in some non-curated real life connections.

Rather than relying on fate or, perhaps, your local Craigslist missed connections page to facilitate your meet-cute, PokeDates should help you lure your very own PokeBae. Swipe right for catching that Snorlax together, am I right?