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Shine On: Misfit Launches $50 Flash Activity Tracker

Misfit, the maker of the very attractive Shine fitness tracker, is adding the Flash as a lower-cost option to its lineup of wearable activity gadgets. The Flash, which will ship in October, is now available for preorder for $50.

As with the Shine, the Flash will measure steps, calories, sleep quality and cycling and swimming. At $50, the Flash is half the cost of the Misfit Shine, and is made out of soft-touch plastic, as opposed to the Shine's aluminum build. It will be slightly larger than the Shine, and instead of a touch-sensitive surface, will be a large button.

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The Flash will also be waterproof, but only to 3 ATM (about 100 feet), as opposed to the Shine's 5 ATM (165 feet). Like the Shine, though, the Flash has a ring of tiny LEDs around its circumference that will tell you your progress towards that day's fitness goals, as well as the time. Users will be able to sync the data recorded on the Flash with Misfit's Android and iOS apps.

Befitting its name, the Flash will be available in seven different colors that are a lot bolder than those offered with the Shine: Frost, Onyx, Red, Wave, teal, fuschia and zest; the latter three will only be available at Best Buy.

At $50, the Misfit Flash will compete with other budget fitness trackers such as the Fitbug Orb and the Fitbit Zip, and may be a compelling option for those who don't want to invest too much in an activity tracker. As it looks a lot like the Shine, it's certainly one of the more stylish budget options, which may give it the edge over the competition. However, the Fitbit and the Fitbug also work with smart scales, which can provide a more comprehensive picture of your overall health, so the Flash's success is not guaranteed.