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Instagram Increases Security Measures: What to Do Now

Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger has announced that the most popular photo sharing app in the world is rolling out new features to keep you safer.

The first is support for two-factor authentication apps that help you protect yourself against hackers like the ones that hijacked thousands of accounts earlier this month. The new feature, which is an addition to the existing two-factor authentication, is very easy to enable.

It is rolling out now and will be available to all users over the coming weeks. At the time of this writing it hasn’t reached my account yet, but you can give it a try:

1. Go to your user profile icon by clicking on the little person icon at the bottom right corner of the app.
2. Click on the hamburger menu icon on the right top corner.
3. Click on Settings at the bottom of the menu.
4. Select Two-Factor Authentication.
5. If you have the update you will see an “Authentication App”. Select it. If you have an authentication app installed, Instagram will automatically find it and send a login code. (If you don’t have an app, go to the App Store or Google Play and download one).
6. Get the code from the app and enter it on Instagram, and boom, you are done.

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The second new feature is designed to inform you about accounts with large followings: “About this account.”

This new option gives you information like the date joined, its country of activity, the ads it runs, its former usernames, and accounts that share followers with it. The object is to give you all this info so you can judge if they are worth of your trust or not. If the information you can see here makes you suspicious about their claims and intentions, just report and unfollow. 

According to Krieger, this “about” panel will be available in September.

The third feature is available right now, from the Settings menu: if you comply with Instagram standards, you can apply for verification and perhaps obtain the blue badge that certifies you are who you say you are.

Hopefully these features will help make Instagram a safe (ish) place instead of the cesspool of infamy that is Twitter or Facebook but, if history has taught us something, is that there’s nothing that can’t be tainted by human malicious ingenuity.

Image credits: Instagram