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Tesla May Finally Have a Real Rival in the Faraday Future

A year ago, Faraday Future planted its flag at CES and proclaimed Las Vegas as a new home for forward-thinking electric cars. And after a lot of doubt, speculation and hype, we finally have a look at the car Faraday Future been hyping up over the last 12 months: Here is the FF 91.

Why You Should Care

Currently, Tesla has the market cornered not just on electric vehicles, but the luxury segment as a whole. But the FF 91 has a formula that could Tesla some real competition. It's got a range of 378 miles on a charge versus a Tesla's Model X P100D's 289 miles, and a 2.4 second 0-60 time, which is half a second better than the Model X.

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Style-wise, the FF 91 has a sophisticated techy look that somehow makes even an elegant Model X look plain. Its suicide-style doors are a lot more practical than the gull-wing options on Tesla's Model X.

There's still a bit of an elephant in the room, because despite breaking ground on the plant that's supposed to produce the FF 91, it seems Faraday Future is still months, if not years away from being able to make this car with any sort of volume.

But at least one FF 91 made it to CES, which means Faraday Future has gotten off the starting line, and that ain't nothing.

Pricing and availability

The FF91's final pricing has yet to be determined, but rumors peg it somewhere between $100,000 and $120,000. And if you're a believer, you can snag a reservation now for $5,000 before it comes out sometime in 2018, or so the company says.


The FF 91 looks great, goes fast and lasts an extra 63 miles per charge than anything in Tesla's stable. However, with a lot of questions and concerns about the company behind it, it remains to be seen if Faraday Future has enough juice left to adds its spark to the market.

  • Tim_127
    When someone can actually buy one will be the time you can say it's a competitor for Tesla. Till then it's just a concept car.
  • RobertHarold
    Range is only an estimate until the rubber hits the road on a real production vehicle.