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Dell Just Revealed the PC of the Future

Between its zero-gravity hinge and innovative circular dial, Microsoft's new Surface Studio represents a bold vision for reinventing the desktop PC. But Dell has taken that vision a step further.

At the Adobe Max conference, Dell showed off its Smart Desk, a PC that puts one screen at eye level and a second huge multi-touch display that sits right underneath your fingertips.

A video posted by MSPowerUser shows Dell's attempt to close the gap between paper and digital, complete with pen input and a dial that looks a lot like the Surface Dial accessory for the Surface Studio. TechCrunch surmises that the second screen is an accessory, but Dell hasn't specified what would be included in the base price.

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With the dial, you see users quickly switching tools with a twist, which will presumably make life easier for everyone from illustrators and architects to developers.

Credit: Dell

(Image credit: Dell)

In an earlier video of this concept posted way back in 2014, you see an artist flip through pages of a sketchbook, then place a dial on the bottom display to change colors with one hand while he draws using a pen with the other hand.

He also uses the dial in a mapping program as a mini compass, which changes the orientation of the map as he turns the device.

Credit: Dell

(Image credit: Dell)

The Smart Desk appears to be a very versatile work space, allowing users to play and compose music (complete with virtual piano), edit photos in Photoshop and type with a pop-up keyboard.

Although Dell hasn't revealed a release date, specs or a price, Tech Radar says the company is expected to reveal more information at CES 2017. And the most current video says the product is coming soon.