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August Smart Locks Now Work with HomeKit

The pace has been slow, but more and more devices are becoming compatible with Apple's HomeKit. The latest to join this smart home networking platform is the new August Smart Lock. If you want to lock and unlock your door with Siri, this bit of hardware will let you do it.

While it's not the first smart lock from the company, the August Smart Lock – HomeKit ($229) is their first that's compatible with Apple's voice-control technology. August is not the only smart lock or camera manufacturer available on HomeKit: Schlage and Insteon offer similar technology, with more manufacturers on the way.

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The August Smart Lock seems much like many other smart locks on the market: It allows users to lock or unlock their doors remotely, and since it integrates with HomeKit, users can even ask Siri to do it. Those who still put mechanical keys can rest a bit easier: the Smart Lock installs only on the interior of your door, leaving a standard keyhole on the outside, same as usual.

August also announced the Smart Keypad ($79) and Doorbell Cam ($199). The keypad is an add-on for the lock that allows users to enter their homes by entering a PIN code, rather than using a smartphone. For children who are too young for a smartphone, or weekend guests or anyone in-between, you can generate permanent or one-time-use codes.

The Doorbell Cam is the final piece of the trifecta, ensuring that users can see who's at their door from anywhere. It makes use of a HD camera with a 140-degree field of view, two-way audio and motion detection to show users visitors via the August smartphone app. From there, users can let them in in conjunction with the Smart Lock, or talk to them first. The camera works via both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, giving it the ability to connect to the Smart Lock directly or users via the app.

While the Smart Lock is the only product that works directly with HomeKit, the three devices work in tandem with each other, making the whole setup rather Apple-friendly. All three devices are available now for pre-order, and should ship by the end of November.

Marshall Honorof

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