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How to Fix T-Mobile's iOS 10 Update Problem

A whole two days after Apple released iOS 10, T-Mobile announced yesterday (Sept. 15) that its users should not download the update. The major revision to Apple's mobile operating system adds a lot of fun new features, but it also led to connectivity issues on T-Mobile's servers, problems that that Apple rushed to fix.

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T-Mobile announced the issue in a tweet, as well as text messages sent to users, stating "iPhone 6, 6+ & SE customers – Do not download iOS 10. We are getting reports of connectivity issues & Apple is working on a fix."

British website The Register claimed a T-Mobile rep blamed Apple by stating, "It’s an iOS 10 issue and Apple is working on a fix. We hope to have that very soon."

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Fortunately, Apple released a patch for this problem last night for T-Mobile customers who had already updated to iOS 10. All you need to do is open the Settings app, tap General and tap About and follow the prompts.

T-Mobile users who haven't yet installed iOS 10 can now upgrade without worry, as the problem has been fixed in the installation files. We have a walk-through for how to safely update to iOS 10 here.

While this error isn't as bad as the troubles Samsung is experiencing with its volatile Galaxy Note 7 phones, Apple isn't enjoying the best week either. Many users on all carriers on Tuesday (Sept. 13) reported incidents of iOS 10 bricking iPads and iPhones, another issue the company patched quickly.