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VIDEO: An HD Tour of the Space Station

The video below doesn't answer my hygiene or bathroom related queries but it does show us all the gear, where they store their cargo and all the different modules (Japanese, Russian). Perhaps most importantly, we get to see all the different guys working up there.

Just as an aside, did anyone else watch the entire 7-minutes and start out thinking, "Wow, he's floating! That looks so fun!" but end up thinking, "Ugh, it's already gotten old and I'm not even the one awkwardly trying to stop myself from accidentally exiting the frame"?

Jane McEntegart is Manager of Content Marketing at ASUS North America, and previously worked for more than 7 years at Tom's Guide and Tom's Hardware, holding such roles as Contributing Editor and Senior News Editor.

  • homerhellboy223
    wow, I'll bet these guys' legs are worthless when they get back on earth.
  • jurassic1024
    nah, they have somewhere to exercise/workout.
  • Kryan
    is it just me or does it all look a bit...messy in there? :P

    also...i'm not superman, but those guys...they got a little bit of i mean, so do i...but wouldnt an astronaut be a little more...buff?


    anyways, very nice camera lenses there too :P
  • scorc25
    seems like there would be alot to bump your head on...
  • sandmanwn
    Poor guy, he will have to do this all over again in a week or so with Discovery carrying up a new module yesterday.
  • danimal_the_animal
    The space shuttle is over 30 years old.

    Would i drive a 30 year old car?

    HECK NO!

    Where are the new shuttles? or is NASA to CHEAP to replace?
  • socrates047
    wow i guess they did build something with the millions of dollars that NASA gets, I think this video was over due. lol
  • kikireeki
    Thank god I don't live there!
  • Parsian
    man it was so overwhelmingly disorganized!!! i got sick of the chaos up there... Every thing seems to be just connected without having organization in mind :D
  • leo2kp
    Socrates, I think they get billions of dollars, and there have been countless other videos like that. Maybe not a tour of every module, but definitely a lot of footage of the station. And you can see it from Earth lol.