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FlexiSpot Gaming Chair GC01 review

The FlexiSpot Gaming Chair GC01 just about gets the job done, if budget is your top concern

FlexiSpot Gaming Chair GC01 review
(Image: © FlexiSpot)

Our Verdict

The FlexiSpot GC01 is one of the cheapest gaming chairs on the market, but its wallet-friendly price means you'll have to make some serious compromises.


  • Affordable price
  • Reasonably attractive design
  • Retractable footrest


  • Poor adjustment settings
  • Not enough lumbar support
  • Low-quality materials

The FlexiSpot Gaming Chair GC01 solves a problem common to other gaming chairs. These pieces of furniture are pretty pricey. Even the so-called cheap options will typically set you back well north of $200. When you can find a solid office chair for around half that price, gaming chairs can be a tough sell.

That’s where the FlexiSpot Gaming Chair GC01 comes in. This gaming chair does everything you’d expect from a seat designed specifically for gaming, but with a significantly smaller price of $160. 

While chairs from big market players like Razer and SecretLabs cost anywhere from $400 to $500, it’s hardly surprising that a chair that costs less than half the price doesn’t compete from a quality standpoint. A chair in the entry-level price bracket is always going to require some compromises. 

The real question with the FlexiSpot GC01 is: How many sacrifices are you willing to make in the name of a cheaper price? While the chair is full-featured and sports a mostly inoffensive design, it does leave quite a lot to be desired in the lumbar support area.

Read our full FlexiSpot Gaming Chair GC01 review to help you decide if this is the best gaming chair for you. 

FlexiSpot Gaming Chair GC01 review: Price and availability

The FlexiSpot Gaming Chair GC01 costs $160 and is available directly from FlexiSpot

FlexiSpot Gaming Chair GC01 review: Design

Design-wise, the FlexiSpot GC01 looks very much like your classic gaming chair. It features an ultra-wide leather-clad seat that turns up at the sides. It’s pretty well padded to give your lower back and glutes plenty of support, even during long gaming sessions or a busy workday. 

FlexiSpot Gaming Chair GC01 review

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Under the rounded headrest, the chair protrudes out in a symmetrical fashion around where your shoulders should fit, then folds in around your waist to give you a comfortable cushioning feeling when sinking into the chair. 

FlexiSpot Gaming Chair GC01 review

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

There are also two padded armrests, which are perfect if you want to sit away from your desk, and instead place your arms inwards toward your chest. These are particularly useful when you're holding a controller. 

The material of the chair doesn’t feel especially high-quality. Don’t be surprised if some of the seams start to peel and the material starts to look a little weathered after only a few months.

Along the right side, you’ll find two levers to adjust the angle of the back of the chair, as well as the height at which you’re sitting. However, the GC01's backrest has serious problems attaining a 90-degree angle, as it’ll always tilt back slightly. Sitting with your back straight is virtually impossible. 

FlexiSpot Gaming Chair GC01 review

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

The chair itself sits on five individual wheels, which struggle to move in harmony, especially on carpet. You’ll often find yourself having to physically lift up the chair to move it forward or back after one stubborn wheel refuses to cooperate. 

Aesthetically, the GC01 is mostly fine to look at. It’s definitely on the generic side, and only comes in a red/black color scheme. But it’s not as garish as some gaming chairs, and at least there’s no gigantic corporate logo on the back. 

The red and black color scheme adorns just about every part of the chair, from the wheels up to the headrest pillows. This means that the chair will likely stick out quite a bit if your gaming setup is low-key otherwise. 

FlexiSpot Gaming Chair GC01 review: Comfort

Comfort is paramount to a gaming chair, as well as to any chair in general. Unfortunately, it’s the area where the GC01 really let me down. 

FlexiSpot Gaming Chair GC01 review

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Rather than having lumbar support built into the chair, the GC01 comes with an adjustable lumbar pillow, which you must clip onto the frame of the chair. The pillow sits on your lower back, and isn’t generously stuffed with padding. You’re likely to find yourself feeling some pain in your back after moderate use. 

FlexiSpot Gaming Chair GC01 review

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

There’s also a metal bar sitting directly above where the pillow sits. During long gaming sessions, I would often feel it digging into the middle of my back, which was hardly a pleasant sensation. 

The GC01 is designed to sit in one of two modes: “game mode” or “rest mode”. Game mode sets you at a 90-degree angle, whereas rest mode puts the chair at a 135-degree angle. As discussed above, the chair doesn’t do a great job at sticking to these measurements. However, when actually playing a game, you’ll want the chair set to game mode, as trying to play in rest mode just doesn’t work. 

The padded armrests have a pretty significant issue as well. While at first, they seem well-positioned and comfortably cushioned, after just a couple of weeks, they started to warp. A permanent indent appeared where I typically rest my left elbow. This has now created a spot with basically no padding, which makes it almost functionally useless.

FlexiSpot Gaming Chair GC01: Features

Feature-wise, the GC01 is fairly generous, considering its entry-level price. For starters, the chair has all the adjustable features previously mentioned, as well as the removable headrest and lumbar pillows — although why the latter needs to be removable, I don’t know. I couldn’t imagine even sitting in the chair for a few minutes without it. 

FlexiSpot Gaming Chair GC01 review

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

The chair also comes with a retractable footrest. When it's not in use, it nestles nicely underneath the seat. It doesn’t feel like the sturdiest footrest, probably because it’s being supported by two hollow metal bars. But it seems to hold my weight without issue. 

FlexiSpot Gaming Chair GC01 review: Verdict

The FlexiSpot Gaming Chair GC01 definitely has its fair share of issues. When stacked against the most popular gaming chairs on the market, it simply cannot compete. But it’s also worth noting that those chairs likely cost double or even triple what the GC01 does.

If you specifically want a gaming chair and budget is your biggest concern, then the GC01 is worth consideration. However, it’s probably advisable to bump up your budget if possible and shop in the mid-range section. Or maybe just opt for a $100 traditional desk chair instead. 

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