$400,000 funded in 2 weeks — Mango Power Union is selling like hot cakes on Indiegogo

Mango Power Union
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From camping off the grid, tailgating in the cold, or just trying to live a little greener and more sustainably, your source of power is an important consideration. Mango Power has just made your choice a lot simpler with the introduction of the Power Union. With one unit, you can get backup power at home, battery power on the go, and the means to store power you’ve soaked up from solar panels.

The Power Union solves a lot of energy problems in one device. It’s actually the combination of two units. The Power Home is a dense base station that offers ample backup power to keep the lights on — the fridge, too — at home if there’s a power outage. The Power Move sits on top of the Power Home, combining together to provide 4,350W AC/DC and 40amps of power with a total of 6.9kWh of capacity. The Power Move is also portable, letting you take 2,300Wh of that power on the go with you.

The elegance of the Power Union is how much Mango Power puts into one product. The Power Union is a truly special 2-in-1 energy system. An extra special feature is the ability to recharge directly from solar panels with dual inverters built in, so you won’t need an external inverter that would require more work to set up and add hundreds to thousands of dollars to your costs. The system uses an MPPT (Maximum Power Point Trackers) algorithm to actively track the voltage of your solar panels and maximize the power coming in from solar. It can recharge at 4kW from solar, though it also provides the option to recharge from AC power at 3.3kW. 

The Power Home has a backup gateway to supply power to your home with ease. Meanwhile Mango Power has packed on tons of ports — from AC to USB and even EV charging — to the Power Move, so you’ve got the connectivity you need whenever, and wherever you need it.

Mango Power also offers an app to make it easy to see a ton of information about your Power Union. You can monitor the available power at any given moment, check the temperature to ensure it’s in a safe range, and see how quickly it’s charging back up and which charging mode it’s using. The app will even let you compete with friends to see who can rank higher on the leaderboard for sustainability.

Mango Power Union’s portable unit at a cookout

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Whether you want your home to rely on the grid less or you’re living off the grid and need an all-in-one solution for inverting and storing power from your solar array, the Power Union offers a capable option in an elegant package you don’t need to hide away in a garage or utility closet. With all it can do, it’s no wonder the Mango Power Union blew through its Indiegogo funding goal within an hour of the campaign launching.

Mango Power Union Indiegogo campaign

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Making it easier for you to get your hands on, Mango Power is offering an early-bird discount on the Power Union, selling it for $2,999 starting November 23 through Indiegogo.

This is just the start for Mango Power, which is going to push even more tools for fans of renewable energy with the Mango Power Union, Power Move, Power Home, and Power Home mInverter. So keep an eye on Mango Power for your home and mobile power needs.