Xbox One's Price Drops After Three Months

Video game consoles usually have to wait years before manufacturers decide to drop the initial retail price; the Xbox One had to wait three months. Starting on Feb. 28, British Xbox Ones will cost £399; later on, select systems will come with a copy of anticipated sci-fi shooter "Titanfall."

The price of an Xbox One in the British Isles is currently £429, or approximately $713. The new price will place it at about $664 — a reduction of 49 dollars. At present, Microsoft has not indicated that a similar price drop will reach North America. If it did, however, a similar drop would bring the console to $449 here.

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"Titfanfall," which launches on March 11, is a competitive first-person shooter where players can duke it out either on the ground or in gigantic, pilotable robots. Microsoft has hyped the title up as a system-seller: the first "must-have" title for the Xbox One (even though it will also be available for PCs the same day and Xbox 360s later in March).

A limited number of Xbox Ones will come with a digital copy of "Titanfall" at no extra charge, which may help move even more systems among prospective buyers who were waiting until the game's release to invest in a console. These "Titanfall" bundles will be available in North America, too, although both territories will only receive limited quantities.

Regarding why (or whether) the Xbox One needs a price drop only three months in, Microsoft has not said much. Recent reports from Microsoft and the NPD suggest that the Xbox One could be trailing the PlayStation 4 (which retails for $399) by as many as 2 million units.

The Xbox One's price drop may not hit North American shores for some time, but the "Titanfall" bundle still represents a way for prospective buyers to save a little money. Cheaper still, though, is buying the title for Xbox 360 or PC.

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