LG Business Notebook Does Multimedia With Style

Sophisticated Update And Support Tool

Anybody who's ever owned a bargain notebook already knows that digging for drivers in the depths of the World Wide Web can be an exercise in wasted time and frustration. That's what makes a simple, easy-to-use driver update tool a genuine treasure, and this point is clearly not lost on the engineers at LG Electronics. If, for example, you install a fresh copy of Windows XP on your notebook after a drive crash, all necessary drivers and tools are available from the LG Intelligent Update CD with the push of a few buttons. The service is easy to understand and use, even for novices who have no idea about how to set up and configure notebooks on their own.

The LG Intelligent Update CD automatically recognizes which drivers the notebook needs.

You can also decide which tools to install on your notebook on an item-by-item basis.

The LG Intelligent Update program runs unnoticed in the background and keeps all drivers on the notebook current. It connects to and searches LG's Internet support servers for new and important updates. If that search produces any results, it informs the user of what's available.

As soon as Intelligent Update discovers a new or changed driver on the LG support server, it informs the user.

The selection of drivers to download works in much the same way as Windows Update on Windows XP.

The Update program downloads new driver versions and also keeps itself current.

During every test access, our connection to the update server delivered adequate download speeds.

As always, which updates actually get installed remains under the user's control. After downloading a driver, if you don't have time to wait for its installation to run to completion, that's no problem. Drivers are automatically stored on the hard drive, ready for you to install later on.

Before each driver update, the tool asks if the update should be installed or not.
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    how do i get lg T1 intelligent cd?
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