Apple Patches iOS 7 App Store Security Flaw

You've probably noticed a new update alert in your iPhone or iPad's Settings screen. The update, iOS 7.04, may seem small, but it patches several issues that have come to light since iOS 7's debut Sept. 18. 

One patch addresses an issue with the video-conferencing app FaceTime that resulted in dropped calls.

The most significant security-related patch, however, fixes a vulnerability that allowed people to make App Store purchases without the necessary authorization.

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With the update, users will once again have to enter their Apple password to make App Store purchases, thus preventing unauthorized users from putting unwanted software on a device or expenses on an account.

The update is available for all devices that can run iOS 7.

To install it, connect your device to the Internet via Wi-Fi or a data connection, then go to "Settings." In the "General" tab, tap "Software Update" and iOS 7.04 should be available. 

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  • pacomac
    Wow, how behind the times is this, I've just installed 7.1!
  • Octawin
    it just works....BWAHAHAHAHAHA
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