Pre Launches, Woman Drives Car Into Sprint Store

Over the weekend Sprint and Palm launched the eagerly anticipated Pre. It was a crazy weekend of queues and first impressions. The excitement even saw one elderly lady drive her car through the window of a Sprint store and some heated drama between Tech Crunch’s Mike Arrington and veteran tech journalist Leo Laporte over review units.

Over the last 48 hours, Pre owners have been discovering all the nasty and nice things about their new toy: the edges of the the slidedown keyboard are a little sharp (making it a tad uncomfortable to hold), keyboard edges aside, it feels great in your hand, it still syncs with the new version of iTunes, the keypad is a bit small, Sprint’s 3G is pretty snappy (with equal amounts of “Sprint’s 3G is pretty crappy”) and so on and so forth.

What we want to know, is which of you went out and bought a Pre and what you think of it? Did you wait in line only to be disappointed or did you hand over your hard earned cash, take the unit home and live happily ever after? Leave your thoughts below!

Don’t forget (as if the internet would let you), Apple is apparently all set to launch a brand spanking new iPhone this morning. Rumor has it we could see more than one. Stay tuned and we’ll post about the new Apple hardware as soon as we know anything.