RIM Shows Off New Features of BlackBerry OS 6

You might remember back in April when RIM showcased BlackBerry 6 with a crazy commercial filled with distracting dancing and a transparent overlay detailing what we could expect from the latest iteration of the BlackBerry OS. Thankfully, the second teaser for the Blackberry OS 6 is a lot less flashy and features no people or pop songs.

BlackBerry 6 Demo

RIM has taken a minimalist approach with this trailer. It's just the OS on a black background and the company has gone ahead and listed the new features (a far cry from expecting us to see past the dancing and figure out what we're looking at for ourselves).  BlackBerry fans looking forward to BBOS6 can expect universal search; an improved media interface; a nicer looking UI, which includes a social feed that allows for simultaneous postings across all social networks; and a better browser that incorporates pinch to zoom (finally, you say).

Check the video below to see it for yourself:

BlackBerry 6: Another Sneak Peek!

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  • vant
    Terrible video for showing the GUI.
  • ikefu
    I have to say, being a BB Storm 2 owner I'm pretty excited about this. My blackberry does what I need it to better than almost any other smart phone (calls and e-mail) but maybe we'll finally get a nice enough UI that I might actually start doing some media things with it too. (Right now not so hot media wise)

    I have my fingers crossed.
  • doron
    GUI? I only managed to see a hot lady dancing :S