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Microsoft's E3 Reveal ''Bigger than Natal''

Recently Microsoft emailed members announcing that its big E3 2010 reveal will be bigger than last year's announcement of Project Natal. While we're expecting something significant in the 3D department, we're rather curious as how the company will top last year's event. To make matters worse, gamers will have to stew over the possibilities until Sunday and Monday.

In the meantime, here's the tease from Microsoft:

E3 is the world’s largest gaming show, and the place where we make the BIG announcements about what’s coming up on Xbox. With the massive Project Natal announcement at last year’s event, you’d think we’d find it hard to top that. Well, think again.

This year at E3 we’ve got even BIGGER announcements to share with you.

Get ready, kids. ‘Tons are about to drop big time.

In related news, the Los Angeles Times has learned the names of Natal titles Microsoft will show next week. River Rush will be a white water rafting game; Ricochet will require users to use arms, legs, feet, and heads to block "a bombardment of balls."

Microsoft will also showcase an Obstacle Course game (that should be self-explanatory), and another called Living Statue, a social-networking title that allows users to make their avatars dance and sing. Apparently players can even email these avatars to friends.

But where are the action-packed games? Where are the first-person shooters taking advantage of Natal's technology? So far that's all we know--there's a good chance a 3rd-party company will bring something with a little more meat to the sho.w that will make gamers want to buy Microsoft's motion sensing gadget now.

[Edited by Eric Wang]