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Thumb Drives for World Cup Fans

If you need a new USB drive, and are a bit crazy for all things football, ADATA's new thumb drive line may pique your interest. The Theme Series T001 Soccer Jersey drive is pretty self-explanatory, a two-piece rubberized humanoid facsimile that breaks into two to reveal a 4GB flash drive inside.

Like most removable media on the market, the T001 is pre-formatted for contemporary versions of Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. It also transfers data at USB 2.0 speeds and is backward compatible with USB 1.1. Last but not least, ADATA's product comes with a "football-themed cellphone strap".

Our only complaint? Maybe ADATA should've used the actual national team jerseys, instead of lazily plastering country flags on the drive's "jerseys" (the "American" drive only has one star). Then again, that would've driven up the price, to accommodate those costly licensing fees.

More information available through ADATA.