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Valentine's Day 2007 Buyer's Guide

Pasha De Cartier 1 GB USB Key

For the proverbial significant other who has everything, this pricey bit of bling ($560) features a brushed palladium body adorned with etchings that call to mind the famous French jeweler's high-end watches. We're not entirely sure that USB drives are as well suited as fashion statements as they are at ferrying files around, but those with a yen for some truly outrageous and stylish technology will surely want to find out. Even the keychain attached to this fabulous device has had a nice upgrade: it is made of high-quality black silk rather than the more customary nylon or metal chain.

For those not already in the know, Cartier's Pasha collection is based on work undertaken in 1989 by ultra-chic designer Gérald Genta, who has some pretty impressive products in his portfolio. He also designed a series of super swanky watches - including the Patek Phillippe Nautilus, the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, and the Omega Constellation families - though these are more likely to be called timepieces, if not chronometers, at the prices they command. The Pasha in question, for the incurably curious, is the Pasha of Marrakech, a personage who presumably spent large amounts of time and money in the Cartier outlets.

Those who can't resist the allure of this palladium-clad flash drive will have to visit a Cartier store to see one, though you can also find the item on the company's Web site - hint: it's under the Accessories heading. The same site will also guide you to Cartier outlets around the world, which you may then visit or contact to acquire one of these for yourself or a loved one.