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TrimTab 3x3: The Trike for Overgrown Toddlers

There's just something about recumbent bikes that make riding them look plain silly. Pedal-powered trikes, on the other hand are usually associated with the tantrum-throwing toddlers who usually drive them. Combining the two doesn't sound like a good idea, and yet it does, at least, with this particular trike.

The Trimtab 3x3 comes to us from designer David Parott. It's actually a hybrid vehicle, able to run off electric motors on the rear wheels, or through your own leg power. The design is... strange to say the least, and the futuristic looking canopy and blinking lights give it a weird Tron-esque vibe.

It can hit up to 19mph off electric power alone, and according to Parott, that's not even the trike's top speed. Interestingly enough, the TrimTab doesn't have handlebars at all; steering is accomplished by leaning into a turn. As you can see, this seems to work out quite well for the vehicle.

Now all Parrot has to do is add a rear-mounted light barrier generator, and I'd say this trike is all set to go.

[source: Wired]