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58-inch GIANT iPhone Table: Big Enough For You?

Is the iPhone's 3.5-inch screen feeling a little too puny to you? What about an iPad? Still too small?

Then maybe it's time to look at this 58-inch version of the iOS device. No, it won't fit in your pocket, but it'll fit inside your house.

This is Table Connect, which interfaces with the dock connector port of an iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS (older devices not supported due to the slower processors) to blow up the iOS interface to massive proportions.

Those who want to use this will have to run jailbroken software, but that's just a minor issue for those who want to transform multi-touch into multi-person control.

UPDATE: Check out the video of it in action below. Some think it's a glorious fake.

  • adamboy64
    It's a giant iphone screen, but not.. a giant table.
    I guess this would have some practical uses, can't think of that many however.
  • swimomatic
    Don't put your feet there! Damnit.. it dropped the call. Someone really should have thought this one through...
  • Zoonie
    Angry birds!!!! ;)
  • christop
    More Apple not surprise is this turning into Tom's Apple hardware site?
  • albion000
    But how will the 12-year-old girl fool the creepy predators with this?
  • nebun
    why is everyone jumping on the glossy bandwagon, i hate glossy screens.
  • werxen
    Friggin retarded...
  • victorintelr
    And Microsoft has done this already back in 2007!

    Oh!!! Yeahhhh I forgot that is not until it has the apple logo that is called revolutionary!
  • Haserath
    ZoonieAngry birds!!!!First thing that popped into my head when I saw this :lol:
  • @nebun I wish everyone was jumping on the glossy bandwagon... I've been looking to buy a glossy monitor for ages and hardly any companies make them anymore. Matte screens just look dull to me after using a glossy one for so long. Not everyone uses their monitor where reflections aren't an issue i guess... Come to think of it, most phones aren't used where reflections aren't an issue either, maybe the screens are just cheap and need a glossy finish for a decent picture.