Supernova Drone Turns Your Hands Into Controllers

Senior Writer

NEW YORK, NY — Drone remote controllers have always disappointed me, but Spin Master has flipped the script. Its Air Hogs-branded Supernova (coming this August for $40) is a drone that you move with your hands.
Credit: Henry T. CaseyCredit: Henry T. Casey

When I got to gesture it away by placing my hand near the side flying towards me, that moment felt like the future. I was immediately jealous of the kids who will be growing up with this kind of techy toy.

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You don't just push it in directions and move it side-to-side either: you can learn tricks to push it out like one of Ryu's Haduoken fireballs from Street Fighter. Spinning it in place or sending it in boomerang patterns is even cooler and looks like something Tony Stark would do in his lab.

Credit: Henry T. CaseyCredit: Henry T. Casey

Launching the motion-controlled Supernova is even easier than moving your hands to guide it: you just flip it upside down and drop it into the air. Then, it takes off and it's time to keep it afloat, as it lasts up to eight minutes on a single charge.

This wild toy came to life in front of my eyes, as a trained professional danced around the Supernova, moving in harmony to drift it around a group of the press. SpinMaster told us that it will post YouTube tutorial videos to help those of us who don't have a dance degree from Juilliard.

Credit: Henry T. CaseyCredit: Henry T. Casey

Need to stop it? That's as easy as pinching its sides. Don't sorry about your fingers, though, as its geometric case keeps its spinning blades away from any nearby digits.