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Man Gets Stolen Car Back Thanks to Gmail

Gmail is one of our favorite webmail services. Its effective junk filtering and mail threading make it a standout choice. Now, one Gmail fan can claim that Gmail helped recover his stolen car.

Avrohom Eliezer Friedman awoke one Tuesday morning to discover that his car had been stolen. He told ZDNet, “the car wasn’t worth much - but the plate is priceless.”

It's a Florida plate that reads "GMAIL".

Friedman reported it stolen to the police, which luckily was able to recover his stolen car. The funny part about the story is that the officer who arrested the thief wasn't looking for the stolen vehicle. Instead, he just pulled over the car out of sheer curiosity as to who would get a plate named after Google's webmail service.

[I] spoke to the arresting officer - he said he saw the plate and decided to run it (I guess he wanted to see who the proud owner of a GMAIL plate was). Seeing it was stolen, he pulled the car over.