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Back To School With Kid-Friendly Tech

Pocket Purifier

Pocket Purifier

Workstations and study hubs can be a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. That’s true for adult workspaces, but when you add kids to the mix, the problem intensifies. Keyboards, phones, calculators, and pens can harbor enough germs during their use to make anyone who uses them sick. The Pocket Purifier from Purely Products is a non-chemical, one-step solution to prevent the growth of most germs and bacteria. Equipped with a UV-C germicidal light that can be switched on and off during use, the small purifier inhibits the growth of nasty bugs to provide a safer, cleaner workspace. We followed the directions included with the unit, and while we can’t prove that it killed germs immediately, it was a simple process that most parents, teachers, and older kids can figure out quickly.

We used the purifier to concentrate the light on the surface of a 1"-4" area for 15 seconds at a distance of about an inch from the item to be purified. For larger areas, the purifier needs to be used in a contained area and left on continuously for at least 10 minutes. If you don’t want to hang around and hold the unit for that time, there is a flip-out ledge to stand up the purifier in your absence. The light also has a protective lid to keep the light out of eyes and away from sensitive skin that could be harmed by direct exposure to the light.

Powered by four AA batteries, this product is perfect for travel to and from school or work. It also has a convenient flashlight mode for when you just need a little light, but aren’t necessarily in a germ-fighting mood. 

Priced at around $30 for the basic model, the Pocket Purifier comes in pink or black.