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Galaxy X Leak Reveals Foldable Phone Specs

Samsung has confirmed it's working on a new foldable smartphone that could be known as the Galaxy X. And now there are some additional details on what we can expect from the handset.

Credit: Samsung

(Image credit: Samsung)

According to a report out of Korea from The Bell, Samsung has been mulling whether to add an external display to complement the main display in its upcoming foldable smartphone. The report, which was earlier discovered by SamMobile, suggests that Samsung has decided to go with a dual-display design and the second screen will measure 4.6 inches. The main screen on the inside will measure 7.3 inches, according to the report.

Samsung reportedly needed to weigh its options with dual displays. Having two screens on its upcoming foldable would obviously allow for more unique features, but would also give Samsung an advantage over single-display designs that don't offer the same amount of screen real estate.

That said, there are some potential downsides that Samsung was reportedly concerned about. For one, adding another display means adding significantly to the cost of the device and therefore, the price. Whether customers will balk at a higher price due to the second screen is unknown.

Additionally, Samsung was reportedly concerned about the impact the display might have on battery power and duration.

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But it's not just another screen that's being added to the Galaxy X. According to SamMobile, the company has also decided on upping the handset's internal storage to 512GB. And if you want to use it internationally, the Galaxy X will ship with a dual-SIM instead of a single SIM.

SamMobile also notes that the Galaxy X will come with a hinge that will separate the two screens. However, since they'll be somewhat large, there's a small amount of space between them, which could also prevent them both being shattered if you drop the phone in just the right position.

Samsung has previously confirmed that it's working on a foldable smartphone that will be unveiled at its Samsung Developers Conference in November, so we expect to know more about the Galaxy X in the coming weeks.

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