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Pocket PC e310: The Toshiba Strike Force!

The Toshiba Strike Force

A year after the release of the e570 and shortly before that of the much-awaited e740, a PDA running at 400 MHz and equipped with an ATI video chip, Toshiba has enlarged its family of handheld computers and found a new look. The e310, all dressed up in silver, has something of the Handspring Vizor Edge. Like it, it has a metal casing and its best points are its extreme slimness of 12mm and light weight of just 140 grams.

Not only does the e310 seem to be the most aesthetically pleasing Pocket PC currently available, it is also one of the cheapest. At $399 (599 euros), it doesn't just compete with the low-priced HP and Packard Bell Pocket PCs, but with the Palm and Sony color Palm OS 4-based organizers, too.