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10 Classic PC Games Begging For A Remake

Abandoned Software

They were great games in their day. But their style has disappeared from the shelves and that's a shame.

We all know Hollywood's penchant for remakes, but the video game industry is also notorious for mining the past for ideas. Most recently, I read that the old Atari 2600 game Choplifter was getting the remake treatment. This should be interesting, given the Atari 2600 was a primitive console and not one for storyline-driven games, although developers sure tried.

Many of us are nostalgic for remakes of old games. It's an easy trap in which to fall (or get sucked in). Dissatisfaction with current games drives this as much as anything. In choosing these titles, I didn't just pick them because I played them as a kid; they had an element and quality I liked.

You can find a lot of these games on sites like DOS Games Archive and Abandonia but most are unplayable on a modern machine. First, they are 16-bit games, and won't play if you are running a 64-bit version of Windows. Even if you have 32-bit Windows XP, there's a good chance it will run so fast you can't play it. These are games written for computers running as slow as 16Mhz. On a 3GHz machine it will be uncontrollable.

At the same time, gaming today is monotonous. I am tired of all the RPGs with a single character. RPGs today are either clones of Diablo or clones of Elder Scrolls. This gets tedious fast. My favorites were games where you had a party of players. That's why Wizardry, Ultima and Might & Magic all made the list.

There are other classics, too. While most can be found on "abandonware" sites, many can't be played on a modern PC, especially a 64-bit system, without a major headache. Others are just too primitive to be playable and deserve an immersive world. So here is the list of games I'd like to see get a modern retelling, using new technology and programming techniques.       

  • xurwin
    how about, those minesweeper and solitaire, dont they deserve a remake? or even paint.
  • killerclick
    Good luck with Tie Fighter and Wing Commander, the average gamer today wouldn't be able to figure out the nav points, let alone how to manage shields, weapons and targeting. And of course it would be an iPad/iOS app to begin with.
  • mercer95
    lands of lore?
  • Knights of Legend,
    plus all the old Sierra games need to be updated for iPad/tablets! :)
  • Onus
    I'd play a Wizardry remake; absolutely. I had it on my Crapple ]
  • Descent. There is still not another game like it, although the original is very attainable on Still looks good for a game from the mid-90s, too, although I would love to see a modern remake.
  • cypress187
    You can find something very similiar to Dungeon Keeper on Facebook call Dungeon Overlord.
  • m1ke1991
    Freespace and Freespace 2.
  • Starflight. Starflight II. Roam the Galaxy looking for artifacts. Watch out for the pesky Spemin and the cantankerous Gazurtoids!
    Ogre. The ONLY way to play the Steve Jackson game!
    Secret of Monkey Island. Loved the swordfighting insults, written by Orson Scott Card, who went on to make it big writing science fiction
  • Ahh.. the nostalgia! I played Wizardy for many, many hours. Zork, too. Had friends really into Might and Magic and Ultima. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.