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Alexa-Powered Smoke Detector Saves Lives, Cranks Tunes

LAS VEGAS -- At the CES 2018 technology show here, we've seen few devices that aren't smart. But here's a new one: a smoke and carbon- monoxide detector with Alexa inside. The OneLink Safe & Sound costs $249.99, and a version with Google Assistant will come later this year, if that's your preferred voice-controlled ecosystem.

That makes the device a triple threat: a smoke and carbon monoxide detector; a smart assistant; and a speaker.

The Safe & Sound has a 10-watt speaker, so you should get pretty decent audio, and because most detectors are mounted on the ceilings, you should get an acoustic advantage from its placement as well.

Representatives told me that the detector is hardwired into your electrical wiring, so you needn't worry about battery life -- the battery will be used only in case of a power outage.

The other smart aspect is that the Safe & Sound will send a notification to your smartphone when the alarm goes off. That way, you can immediately call the gas company or fire department to take a look if you're not at home. If you have more than one Safe & Sound , they'll all ring, so you'll know there's danger no matter where you are in your home.

The Safe & Sound is just one of many devices to feature Amazon's Alexa or Google's Assistant at CES 2018. We've already seen a car with Alexa integration, so basically anything is fair game.

Credit: Andrew E. Freedman/Tom's Guide