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New Nissan Cars Will Spray Vitamin C Via A/C

To counter criticisms that automobiles are bad for your health, Japanese automaker Nissan unveiled plans last Wednesday to equip its next-generation models with Vitamin C sprays. It's just part of a project to make cars friendlier, according to company representatives. Said a Nissan engineer: "We want drivers to feel that they are healthier staying in the car instead of on the outside".

Nissan said that it will introduce air conditioners that spray skin-moisturizing Vitamin C and use air purifiers developed by Sharp. The manufacturer also plans to install NASA-developed chairs designed to improve back circulation and minimize back pain. Another feature that will debut on future models: speedometers that reminds the driver of important events like birthdays and anniversaries.

As the automobile industry becomes even more competitive, carmakers are looking to add more value. It's more about the whole "experience" and less about simple transportation, according to Nissan's Kenichi Tanaka. Accompanying these promised health-friendly features—to be introduced over the next two to three years—is a safety system that will warn the driver and partially apply the brakes to avoid collisions.

  • crossbow82
    Great, then we'll have people out there modding the ACs to spray other things... more vehicle accidents due to drugged driving.
  • Camikazi
    So this is another fluid that will need refilling and changing in a car?
  • omnimodis78
    How about Nissan randomly teleports free apples into their cars...more vitamins, more impressive technology, and it wouldn't be tacky at all - but being spreyed with vitamin C - sheesh...
  • crossbow82
    Great, then we'll others out there modding the ACs to spray other things... more accidents due to drugged driving.
  • Strider-Hiryu_79
    What about people allergic to citrus fruits that contain vitamin c?

    Think again Nissan or think L-A-W-S-U-I-T.
  • Roten67
    News Alert: Terrorist switch Vitimin-c for anthrax in new nissan
  • weirdguy99
    Or, you could just open the window to let fresh air in and eat oranges instead.
  • hardcore_gamer
    "a safety system that will warn the driver and partially apply the brakes to avoid collisions"

    thats ok..
  • Stryter
    I'm fighting the temptation to take that news title down a dirty perverted path. Ah screw it...

    1. "It likes to spray its 'vitamin C' when it gets turned on."

    2. "Your car just sprayed its vitamin C in my hair!"

    3. "Just crank that knob till it sprays you."

    4. "Is it turned on?" "I'd say so, I just got sprayed in the face"

    5. "Nissan: Our cars will blow a load... of vitamin C on you!".

    Phew, alright, got that out of my system. Interesting idea though. lol
  • shockerz33
    I was wondering more about Vitamin C IS actually possible...
    "60-75mg of Vitamin C a day is the recommended daily dosage for those who feel they benefit from the vitamin. People can take up to about 1000mg safely, however; what is not absorbed and used by the body will be flushed out in the urine, so taking more than the recommended daily dosage is pointless. But this is not to say that over consumption of the vitamin does not do damage before it is excreted. People who regularly take more than 1000mg of vitamin C a day are more at risk for a Vitamin C Overdose than those who take less than 1000mg per day.

    Those who take other vitamin and nutrition supplements are considered most “at risk” for a Vitamin C Overdose, as overdoses typically depend most on the other vitamins that ascorbic acid interacts with."

    lol...lawsuit anyone?