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New Nintendo Console Won't Get A HDD

The console, expected to be shown at E3 in June and expected to go on sale in 2012, will not get a hard disk drive to store data, according to Kotaku. Instead, the device may integrate an 8 GB on-board Flash memory chip - which is more than the 512 MB of storage space in the Wii, but far less than the storage capacity of the mainstream versions of rival consoles except the 4 GB basic version of the Xbox 360).

The implication is clearly that, if this information turns out to be correct, that Nintendo won't be planning on full game download services and won't be counting on overloading its users with tons of downloadable content, even if the console's storage space may be expandable via SD cards. So far, the main speculation indicates that the new Wii will support HD resolutions, and come with a mystical new controller that will also integrate an HD screen and possible serve as a standalone gaming device. Gaming content is expected to be delivered on single-layer 25 GB Blu-ray discs.

I have to admit that some of those rumors do not make any sense at all - at least not to me. I don't buy yet that there will be a gaming controller with a 6-inch HD screen - which almost seems to be a step back from the current very intuitive controller. E3 will bring the information we are waiting for and we will have a much better picture of how Nintendo will be competing with Microsoft and Sony beginning in 2012 then.