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No Nintendo 3DS For Your Children

The rather surprising note comes courtesy of the manufacturer of the 3DS - Nintendo. The company recently posted several warnings about the potential effect of the display on human eyes when three-dimensional images and video are viewed. Every user is advised that "fatigue" and "discomfort" may be more likely than it is the case with 2D images and video. The company recommends a break every 30 minutes and asks users to stop using the device immediately when they feel sick.

And you thought playing 3D games would be fun.

The 3DS is even less fun for kids under the age of 6, as Nintendo tells parents that viewing 3D images/video can impact the "growth of children's eyes." There was no more detail offered, but it appears that this statement is scary enough. To prevent kids from playing in 3D on the 3DS, Nintendo protects such content with a PIN code, which basically works as parental control feature. For kids under 6, the 3DS will be a 2DS.

We assume that Nintendo will be adding a clear warning about this issue to the packaging of the 3DS, which will probably not help to alleviate existing consumer fears that 3D is a general health risk.   

So, what about your average naked-eye 3D TV, which we will be seeing at the upcoming CES? Is that for adults only as well?