Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse

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Performance, Dual Endurance Modes, Verdict


The G602 is the first Logitech mouse to use the manufacturer's Delta Zero sensor technology, which is meant to provide an unprecedented level of cursor accuracy without eating up battery life. The device's optical lens held up well during a variety of gaming tests, providing accurate movements on wood and plastic surfaces without a mouse pad underneath.

The mouse proved to be a strong ally against evil in the "Marvel Heroes" role-playing game, which is heavy on quick clicks and shortcuts. The mouse's optical lens was responsive when we directed our hero around the battlefield, and we were able to zoom in and out of the action instantly with the scroll bar. Thanks to the G602's additional buttons, we could perform melee attacks with our right thumb instead of looking for the corresponding button on our keyboard.

The mouse held up favorably when we played the frenetic first-person shooter "Quake Live." The extra buttons allowed us to switch weapons with our thumb, saving us a few crucial split-seconds in the fast-paced multiplayer game. The G602 made it easy to look around and target enemies on standard sensitivity, and we were able to use the G11 button to slow the sensitivity to a crawl when we needed more precise headshots.

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While competitive gamers sometimes steer clear of wireless mice over latency concerns, the G602 provided a lag-free experience on both performance modes. With a 2-millisecond response rate, it was easy to forget the mouse was operating wirelessly; it was consistently accurate through all of our superhero assaults and heated gunfights.

Dual Endurance Modes

The G602 allows gamers to toggle between "Performance" mode for optimal gaming and "Endurance" mode for conserving battery life. The LED just above the middle switch lights up blue for the former mode and green for the latter.

Logitech claims that the G602 lasts for 240 hours on Performance mode, while Endurance mode will keep the device running for a far lengthier 1,440 hours. This is a nifty inclusion for saving battery life when not gaming, and we noticed more accurate button response and tighter overall sensitivity when switching from Endurance to Performance.


The $79 Logitech G602 wireless gaming mouse hits a sweet spot between style, comfort and functionality. It only has half the side buttons of the Razer Naga, which can be found for $61, but it makes up for it by providing a cozy thumb rest and on-the-fly sensitivity controls. If that's a tradeoff you're willing to live with, the G602 is an excellent tool for role-players, online soldiers, or any other type of gamer who wants greater control in a wireless mouse.

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  • MrG93
    Gross, like the G700 better.
  • yang
    The DPI of 2500 is way too low for poweruses with big monitors, I actually use 6500 dpi setting for my 3 30 inch monitors. If only Logitech could do this, I would jump from my g700s in a heart beat.
  • hitman40
    Hopefully, they have realized there mistake with the G700: materials. For some reason, they used that matte sort of plastic on the G700, meaning that after a couple of weeks, maybe months, the spot where you use it the most (finger tips) starts to wear out, and becomes a shinnier, glossier spot. My stupid Sager uses the same material for the trackpad, and now there is a giant ugly glossy spot stain on it.
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